PHASE 1_the preparation_ANTE

Whenever we decide to move, to take on a new action, we need to prepare – we have to set our mind and body ready for the next act. Body scrub ANTE is a phase of preparation for the newness that follows along. It opens your mind and skin pores.
ANTE cleanses, lightly exfoliates the skin, and enhances blood circulation.
This body scrub draws out impurities and removes the dead skin. All ingredients are derived from plant-based sources and have a soothing effect. This cleansing is based on sugar and keeps your pH-value balanced while nourishing essence of perilla will help to regenerate the skin cells and give anti-inflammatory effect.

Apply to the wet skin with circular movements and then rinse.

Suitable for all skin types and daily use.


PHASE 2_the purification_OFURO

The second stage, purification, is guided by OFURO – thick cleansing balm that purifies the skin from all the waste and unnecessary collected along our journey. Purification is one of the most important themes almost in every ritual; there is a clear and ubiquitous need for it: we all do regrettable things as a result of our circumstances, and we need the rituals in response to renew our vision.
This cleansing balm contains Yuzu extract, known for its soothing, clarifying, and antibacterial effect. In this phase, the skin is carefully cleansed, invigorated, and prepared for the following treatments.

Apply the balm with circular movements and then rinse with water.

Removes the reliably facial makeup, not suitable for the eye makeup removal.
Suitable for all skin types and daily use.


PHASE 3_the hydratation_B-SOFFICE

B-SOFFICE is a moisturizing butter that smoothens the prepared body and soul,
it also symbolizes a second component needed for the evolution of life – water.
This beneficial butter is particularly suitable for skin that tends toward dryness. The cream is enriched with Tsubaki extract that restores the skin quickly to its former glory. This intensive body butter absorbs quickly and is particularly rich, offering skin areas long-lasting velvety nutrition.
It can be applied to the entire body after showering, bathing or sunbathing.
Suitable for all skin types and can be used several times throughout the day.



PHASE 4_the glow_OMNI

When the mind is calm, the soul is soothed, and the body nurtured; we glow.
OMNI is a multi-use oil for body, face, and hair that illuminates and gives the natural glow of confidence, appearing as the last phase – a sign of stages passed and ritual finished. The glow of a complete you.
It supports the skin in retaining the moisture, while the combination of consciously produced oil extracts give the skin extra elasticity. This glow-giving oil strengthens the function of skin protection and saves against damaging environmental influences.

This oil can be massaged in the evenest manner into damp skin and hair.

Suited for sensitive skin and can be applied to the entire body, face, and hair after showering or bathing. Brightens instantly.





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