The Sustainability - Earth Friendly choices

Happiness is attained through fidelity to a worthy purpose, and we’re committed to creating and producing 100% sustainable clean beauty products –
from ingredients and formulation to the packaging.

The Ingredients and Formulation

100% plant origin ingredients.

Formulation excludes the components that can be harmful to the environment, free from synthetics, gmo,  toxins, parabens, petro-chemicals, sulphates, artificial fragrances

The choice of the suppliers of raw materials has been executed through a fair trade approach, in order to guarantee both – environmental and socio-economic sustainability.

The Packaging – the embodiment of the concept

Body care line packaging uses the same FSC cardboard as HITO fragrance,
which is mounted in an opposite way, where the inside becomes the outside, emphasizing the fact that HITO takes care of the soul from the inside; meanwhile the body care ritual takes care from the outside and works towards inner well-being.

Moreover the WA:IT logo graphics here is thicker than on HITO perfume to emphasize that, starting the ritual, we are taking the action and it is translated in a visual impact which is the embodiment of the wabi-sabi aesthetics of imperfection.


Our packaging, in addition to being entirely recyclable and biodegradable, has the FSC certification, which guarantees the origin of the cardboard from responsible sources.

Glass bottles and wooden caps are entirely recyclable.
Aluminum vases are entirely recyclable and reusable.

Our paper  labels are 100% tree free and totally recycled to save energy and preserve the trees, our HITO perfume labels are made with algae  from the Venice lagoon, whose proliferation would put at risk the lagoon’s fragile ecosystem, using biowaste to preserve the environment.
No environmentally harmful paints or glues have been used

Our bottles, boxes and caps are Made in Italy.

We only use:

Truly sustainable materials, ethically sourced and proven to be safe for the environment.

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