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Our Founder

WA:IT is created by Raffaella Grisa, an advocate of mindful clean beauty culture. The organic beauty care brand WA:IT is her manifestation, a personal project that reflects her life philosophy and meanings found along traveling the world and encountering various cultures. Grisa created WA:IT to express herself and start a new life with the very first action – breath.

For many years Grisa has travelled constantly  from  Italy  to the Far East and from the country of the Rising Sun she has embraced uses, traditions and an holistic view of life.

The name WA: IT takes its origin from there ...Wa (the ancient name of Japan, but also harmony) to It that is the prefix that identifies Italy.  At the same time WA: IT can be read under the english meaning of "waiting",  slowsing down, since you become aware of yourself and give yourself some time just for you.

I’m graduated in Management Engineering at Polytechnic of Turin,  I worked as an engineer between Europe and the Far East for a decade, my life was very fast.  Once I was walking in the park surrounding the Meiji Temple in Tokyo, that is one of my “place of harmony” and I discovered I wasn’t satisfied of my current way of life,  I was 47 and I got my rebirth then.  WA is peace and harmony that I have found physically in Japan and inside me after my rebirth and IT represents my roots.

WA:IT philosophy is the embodiment of  what I love and what I am: the study of traditional Japanese medicine and aromatherapy, the mindfulness, the sustainability declined in every way, the search for an holistic approach to beauty, more inside-out."


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