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Limited Edition of 500

multi-sensory experience.


Each TOKA candle is a unique piece of olfactory design. From the terracotta container, designed by Piero Lissoni, made and glazed by hand, to the architecture of the WA:IT fragrance where notes of neroli and wild fig leaves suddenly transport you to the Mediterranean coasts. Lighting TOKA is embarking on an intimate sensory journey. The touch of the deliberately rough surface of the bowl with crackled finish and the warm light of the flame harmoniously combine with the fragrance, an elixir for the sense of smell. From floral lightness to the sensuality of figs, sniffing TOKA is immersing oneself in a world. Dreaming of sunsets in southern Italy. Feeling enveloped by a mysterious beauty.


TOKA, the fine fragrance collectible candle designed by Piero Lissoni

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  • Burn the candle the first time until the wax melts to the edge, then burn for a maximum of 4 hours each time to achieve an even result.
    Burns for up to 30 hours.

    Never place on or near a flammable or fragile surface.  do not expose to direct sunlight.

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