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WA:IT launches TŌKA, a collection of sustainable candles designed by  Piero Lissoni.

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Each TŌKA candle epitomizes a singular masterpiece of olfactory design. From the handcrafted terracotta container, meticulously fashioned and glazed by Piero Lissoni, to the exquisite architecture of WA:IT's fragrance, TŌKA invites you on a sensory voyage to the Mediterranean coasts with notes of neroli and wild fig leaves.
The act of igniting a TŌKA candle is an intimate olfactory expedition.


The tactile experience of the intentionally textured surface of the crackle finished vessel, coupled with the warm radiance of the flame, seamlessly intertwines with the fragrance, evoking an elixir for the olfactory senses. From floral delicacies to the sensuality of fig, indulging in TŌKA is akin to immersing oneself in a realm of dreams, envisioning sunsets on the shores of southern Italy and being enveloped by a captivating mystique.

Raffaella Grisa, engineer and founder of the WA:IT brand, shares her creative inspiration, stating,  «TŌKA materialized from an intuitive vision encompassing scents, colors, and names. It embodies the essence of HITO and HARU, our inaugural fragrances, each represented by four letters. This fusion symbolizes the Japanese influence harmoniously integrated into our proudly Italian project. TŌKA, signifying a small luminous source and imbued with ritualistic connotations of guiding light, encapsulates the essence of Japanese ritualism characterized by harmony, reverence, and a profound connection with the beauty of the present moment, which is deeply ingrained in WA:IT's DNA.»

Sustainability and Italian craftsmanship are at the heart of TŌKA's design ethos: from the handcrafted terracotta vessels designed by Piero Lissoni and masterfully executed by ceramist Antonio Bonaldi, to the utilization of innovative research and development techniques resulting in sustainable vegetable wax, minimizing environmental impact while harnessing natural resources responsibly.

Piero Lissoni reflects on the inspiration behind TŌKA, stating, «The synergy between candlelight and the artistry of Japanese ceramists fuels our creative process. Each TŌKA vessel is inherently unique, mirroring the distinctive radiance emitted by a flickering flame.»

Rooted in the Japanese WABI SABI aesthetic, embodying acceptance, impermanence, and the beauty of life's imperfections, TŌKA's flame ignites emotions, casting a luminous glow. Once the candle has been extinguished, the lingering essence of TŌKA endures in memory, while its precious ceramic vessel, bearing Piero Lissoni's signature, finds new life through reuse.




TŌKA container is a unique design object signed by Piero Lissoni and it is lovingly handcrafted, imbued with the care and dedication of a skilled artisan. Due to the nature of handmade products, there may be slight variations in size and finishing from one container to another. This uniqueness adds to the charm and individuality of each piece.

When the candle is finished, the precious Terracotta container designed by Piero Lissoni can be reused, it will last forever.


Hand-poured candle, made from Italian soy wax free from phthalates and petroleum.The wicks are made of unbleached organic cotton.

We only use products that are proven to be safe, effective, and sustainable. TŌKA is a vegan candle.


How to use: 

Burn the candle the first time until the wax melts to the edge, then burn for a maximum of 4 hours each time to achieve an even result.
Burns for up to 30 hours.

Never place on or near a flammable or fragile surface, do not expose to direct sunlight


The delightful TŌKA box (designed by Piero Lissoni) can be easily reused, consider giving it a second life: it can be perfect for organizing small objects, such as jewelry boxes or pen holders, or you can transform it into an elegant storage holder.

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TŌKA box by Favini Alga Carta


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