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The importance of Nature 

WA:IT headquarter is located in Piemonte an italian region in the north west of the country, our founder grew up in Monferrato a green and hilly area, the house where she spent her childhood is completely sorrounded by nature and especially by wild Fig trees.






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YUZU - Citrus junos - is a small tree, producing citrus fruits  from the cross between wild mandarin and Citrus ichangensis, with a slightly spicy taste between grapefruit and mandarin.  Originally from China, it is very popular in Japan. 
Our yuzu seeds oil is coming from yuzu fruits harvested in the Kochi Prefecture from October to December.

TSUBAKI - Japan’s native camellias, bloom in the winter (harvested in January) and the tsubaki seeds oil in WA:IT product is coming from camellia flowers harvested in the Nagasaki Prefecture 

PERILLA - Perilla frutescens (Shiso) was cultivated in ancient China. The plant was introduced into Japan around the eighth to ninth centuries. Shiso grows to 40–100 centimetres, Shiso seeds are about 1mm in size, and are smaller and harder compared to other perilla varieties. The Perilla we use comes from Kyoto Prefecture.

RICE - the rice bran oil is obtained from paddy rice after harvest, our rice origin is from Hyogo Prefecture in the middle south Japan.

SUNFLOWER- our sunflower seeds oil is obtained from sunflowers harvested in Tuscany, Italy, in early September. This is the "IT"alian  ingredient of the ritual

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